7 Tips to Improve the Security of your Magento 2 Ecommerce WebSite

7 Tips to Improve the Security of your Magento 2 Ecommerce WebSite

As one of the most trusted Ecommerce Technology platforms, Magento 2.0 has all the robust security measures in place.However, there are certain best practices that must be implemented by an Ecommerce website developer.

This is necessary to ensure that as an Ecommerce Business, you uphold the trust of your online customers and deliver a seamless and secure online shopping experience.

Let’s discuss the following 7 important Magento 2 security tips that can help to protect your ecommerce website from unwanted attention (of the hackers).

  1. Never Fail to Upgrade to the Latest Version
  2. Asan ecommerce website administrator, keeping the ecommerce web-store updated with the latest stable version should always be the top priority.

    At times, the ecommerce website developers are hesitant to do so, fearing that it may affect the functionalities of the online store. This is unwarranted and one should always update the Magento ecommerce website to the latest version.

    The Magento team regularly releases updates of its platform by adding new features and enhancements of the existing features. The latest version of the Magento 2.0 platform is always released with updated security patches. So, it is always recommended to check for the latest updates and ensure complete protection of the ecommerce website from any security loopholes.

  3. Never Fail to Apply Latest Security Patches
  4. Magento is a vibrant company and always is on its toes in optimizing the security of the Magento platform. They are also backed by a very proactive community of and the ecommerce developers. The community is always very vocal about any new security threats that are prevalent in the industry.

    Based on these and other inputs, Magento releases security patches often to strengthen the platform. Every new version of the platform comes with latest releases of the security patches but you can also install these standalone security patches as and when they are released.

  5. Never Install/Integrate eCommerce Website Extensions from Unreliable Sources
  6. Magento Marketplace is an ecosystem and repository of wide variety of ecommerce website extensions.These website plugins/extensions are been developed by individual ecommerce developers and/or Magento Partner Companies.

    Extensions help ecommerce website site owners to add new features to the ecommerce websites without waiting for a developer to custom code this new feature.

    We highly recommend website owners or ecommerce developers to buy from the Magento marketplace. Check the credentials and reviews of the developer before buying from them.

    If the extension which is required to enhance your website is not available in the Magento Marketplace or not available from a certified developer, one should partner with a partner company, which can create this custom enhancement for you.

  7. Never Forget to Enable Encrypted Connection
  8. For an ecommerce website, secure connection is very critical to protect the customer’s transaction data.

    To ensure this, one can integrate the https certificate with the help of the website hosting partner and enable the https url for the Magento 2 admin configuration section.

    You can find the field to enable this feature in base url (secure) section.

    To access,go to: Stores > Configuration >Web > Base URLs (Secure)>

    Magento 2 admin configuration

    Make sure your website with https certificate is included in this field.

    https certificate

  9. Always Partner with a Trusted and Experienced Website Hosting Partner
  10. Choose a reputable hosting provider who has the expertise and experience of managing ecommerce websites of different complexities and scale.

    Your hosting provider should have built a secure environment. It is also recommended to opt for a dedicated  server rather than shared hosting; as shared hosting are more prone to attacks and can also slow down your website.

    You can evaluate the prospective hosting partners with the help of your ecommerce website development partner, or choose from Magento partner portal.

  11. Never Hesitate to Create Backups
  12. Backups can be very useful when your planned platform upgrade fails or when your ecommerce website gets hacked. Magento 2 can ensure backup of the entire website by following feweasy steps.

    You can access the backup option here: Admin > System > Tools > Backups

    Magento 2 backup

    In the backups section, you have options to take system backup, database and media backup or just database backup.

    backup, databaseand

  13. Never Fail to Protect Admin Access
  14. Hackers can easily gain access to your website if your admin login details are hacked. To protect and to strengthen the security of the admin access, allow the admin access from only selected IP addresses.You can also enable CAPTCHA technology in the admin section to prevent continuous bot driven hacking attempts.


We hope you have found this Magento security tips blog useful. Are you having trouble with the maintenance of your ecommerce website? Contact us for an interaction with our ecommerce consultants and we can help you with hosting, server monitoring and all end to end needs of your ecommerce website management.


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