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Tech Triumphs: AI’s Role in the 2024 Olympic Games and Its Impact

We are just counting the days now to witness the sporting event of the year – Olympics 2024. Everything is set and ready to roll!

As we are nearing the action-adventure spectacle, it is imperative that we look into the technology and technical advancements in this year’s Olympics. It is interesting, really.

Last time, Japan set a precedent of tech transformation even though there was the Covid-19 shadow lurking over. This time around let us delve into how the Paris Olympics has used technology to make this event tech-savvy and seamless for users, players, stake holders, businesses, and everyone involved.

Olympics 2024 is going to be transformational and ground-breaking in many ways with Generative AI playing a key role in the event. AI is elaborately implemented in the games, training, workflows, and user experiences to name a few.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) divulged into AI strategy details and how they are utilizing technology to endorse the values of respect, friendship, and merit that the event symbolizes.

AI in Olympics


Before we go further, let me tell you where we play a role and how it is helpful for you.

How Gen AI-backed AEM Services can Boost your Website’s Visibility During Olympics?

During Olympics 2024, content is streamlined through Gen AI in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to make way for hyper-personalization and distribution throughout all digital platforms.

  • The Gen AI integration on websites has helped in generating a massive amount of tailor-made content quickly to appeal to a global audience.
  • Adobe’s AI tools like Adobe Firefly are used to improve the quality of existing content, relevance of communications and increase speed.
  • Adobe’s cloud platform, in association with AEM, is used to help deliver a high-performing and reliable infrastructure for the event websites.
  • At Adobe Summit 2024, Gen AI in AEM was the primary focus of discussion and it is implemented for content authoring assistance and content supply chain management.

AI in Athlete Training

AI integration in athlete training and performance analysis is phenomenal. Algorithms are designed to process huge amounts of information to provide insights regarding athlete’s form, technique, and endurance to the coaches. This helps in charting out customized regimes for the athletes.

Wearable technology is backed by AI where athletes’ vital signs and movements are analysed and real-time feedback is given to minimise injuries and enhance performance. Learn more about this in our blog on Machine Learning and AI in Sports.

In a first, the talent scouting team, through AI systems, were able to analyse the performances from competitions worldwide and handpick promising athletes. A large number of athletes got a chance to represent their nation and talent. This upholds the Olympic Committee’s mission of inclusiveness and global representation.

AI in User Experience

The spectator experience at the 2024 Olympics will be revolutionary, all thanks to AI. While real-time analytics is used to offer detailed insights about the competition to the viewers, AI-backed content will be catering to individual preferences and improve engagement.

Virtual Reality simulations are going to offer immersive experiences transcending geographical boundaries allowing viewers to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Gen AI is playing a key role in logistics and event management. Predictive analysis and modeling are used for managing transportation, crowd management, and smooth workflows.

Prioritizing the safety of athletes, coaches, fans and stakeholders, security measures are reinforced by AI-driven surveillance systems.

Broadcasting technologies are elevated by AI, offering personalized viewing schedules and highlight reels based on viewers’ preferences and past viewing history. AI-enabled cameras capture events from angles previously impossible, delivering a cinematic viewing experience.

AI and sustainability

Sustainability efforts are refined through AI’s predictive capabilities to help in managing energy consumption and waste reduction – thus, contributing to the IOC’s commitment to hosting environmentally responsible games. AI-driven platforms empower the recycling and repurposing of materials, minimizing the ecological footprint of the event.


Overall, the outcome and feedback for Gen AI in most areas of the Olympics is positive. However, there have been instances where athletes and coaches expressed concerns about being over-dependent on technology and lack of personal touch in coaching.

Efforts were made to use Gen AI as only a support tool and not as a replacement for human touch and old school coaching.


The successful implementation of AI in the Olympics is going to be used as a model for other upcoming events in the future. This is the perfect example of how technology and human endeavours can co-exist and work wonders for everyone involved when used responsibly.

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