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Magento 2 – is it worth the hype?

When the news of a new version of Magento came out a few years ago, it created a flutter. After all, it is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms implemented by businesses across the globe. Now that the general availability version of Magento 2 is nearing release, it turns out Magento 2.0 has lots to offer.

Embitel’s team of Magento developers has been studying the capabilities of this new version and how they can use it to deliver the best possible product to the client. Resmi Sudha, senior software developer for Magento Commerce at Embitel, tells us what makes Magento 2 development so much better.

To begin with, the presence of solid export/import tools makes the transition to Magento 2 (and further upgrades) easy.

Magento 2 has adopted HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, ditching the old Sass/Compass. This adoption of HTML technologies, says Resmi, is one of the biggest upgrades. “This is the very structure of the platform, and this is how Magento will keep up with evolving nature of web technology,” she explains.

The new standalone installer also means quicker installation, especially since it will check for pre-requisites before installation. This will make upgrade installation significantly faster and easier.

Resmi is particularly pleased with Magento 2’s modules. “They are comprehensive—there’s no need to keep going back to other parts anymore,” she says. “This makes it more compatible.”

Grouping of menu options by function (Product, Marketing, Content, Report) reduces the learning curve while working on Magento and makes working and updating easier.

With full-page caching from static pages, Magento 2 is improved and the load on the server is much lesser. “With this, Magento can also become a preferred ecommerce platform for businesses that have large amounts of data,” says Resmi.

Magento 2 also offers an extensively improved UI for developers. The drill-downs included to evaluate various parameters indicating how visitors interact with the website can prove to be very crucial for webmasters and admins in making UX-related decisions.

With the improved performance, the ease of customization without altering core functionality and better UI, Magento 2 is definitely a much better option to work with. “Magento by itself provided a great platform, but so it’s amazing to think of what Magento 2 can do,” says Resmi. “I can’t wait to put its capabilities to use with the next project.”

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