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[Vlog] MSIL vs ASIL: How Does the Latest ISO 26262 Standard Define Functional Safety in Two-wheelers?

Functional safety (FuSa) in two-wheelers works differently. And this was probably the reason why it was kept out of scope when ISO 26262 standard was first launched in 2011.

Over the years, the need for FuSa was felt very strongly in the motorcycle industry. In fact, a few OEMs and suppliers had come with their own interpretations of FuSa for two-wheelers and started developing ISO 26262 compliant solutions.

Finally, in 2018, the latest version of ISO 26262 standard included Part-12, completely dedicated to FuSa in motorcycles.

This video explains the concept of Motorcycle Safety Integrity Level (MSIL) and how it is mapped to ASIL grades.

Major Takeaways from the MSIL vs ASIL Video:

  • Need for a separate Part for Functional Safety in two-wheelers
  • What is Motorcycle Safety Integrity Level (MSIL)?
  • How is MSIL mapped with ASIL?
  • Notable differences in ISO 26262 Guidelines for two-wheelers
  • Impact of ISO 26262:2018-Part-12 on two-wheeler industry

Part-12 of the latest ISO 26262 standard is an elaborate one. In this video, we have attempted to explain it a much simpler way. We also have a detailed blog on this topic. You can find it here.

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