[Vlog] Introducing Check C Framework: The Power-Packed Tool for Unit Testing of Automotive Software

[Vlog] Introducing Check C Framework: The Power-Packed Tool for Unit Testing of Automotive Software

An automotive software, like any other piece of code is developed as separate modules or software units. Verification of these modules is one of the most crucial tasks, during the product development projects.

During Unit Testing, each software unit/module is tested individually. The efficacy of unit testing depends on the following two factors:

  • How accurately the test-cases have been designed?
  • How diligently are these test-cases executed?

Check C is a champion in both these aspects. Being a robust unit testing tool for C language, it provides an interface for designing the test cases as per the required coverages.

The Check C Framework also facilitates automatic execution of these test cases and generation of the unit test reports.

Although Check C is not a pure-play testing automation tool, but the developers and test engineers vouch for its efficiency and flexibility in accurate designing of the test-cases and their execution.

In our latest video, we introduce to you the Check C tool, its various features and value-adds.

Check C Framework: Key Take Away from the Video

  • What is Check C Framework?
  • Step-by-Step Unit Testing Flowchart (using Check C Framework)?
  • Unit Testing Methods Supported by Check C

Check C is an indispensable tool for software developers who code in C Language. As automotive embedded software are mostly written in C, this tool serves as a go-to Unit Testing tool for automotive product development teams.

If you are a budding developer or test engineer, this video will be your doorway to the world of unit testing of automotive software.

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