SOME/IP: Gateway to Future Vehicle Networking System

SOME/IP: Gateway to Future Vehicle Networking System

Service oriented communication is emerging as the new mode of communication between the automotive ECUs. The underlying communication protocol here is Ethernet.

In order to achieve dynamic communication, Signal-oriented architecture used in CAN or LIN was not sufficient. Modern applications such as ADAS, V2X and automated driving etc. required new software features to be added dynamically to the ECUs.

Service oriented communication provided a way to do so by defining the entire system as service interfaces. And SOME/IP is the middleware that makes it all possible. Too much information to process? Our video will make it simpler.

If the video made you curious, read our detailed SOME/IP blog to understand the intricacies of this protocol. We also have a webinar on SOME/IP where our expert explains the concept in great depth.


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