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[Video] The Curious Case of ‘Off-the-Shelf’ v/s ‘Custom Built’ IoT Gateway

The decision to choose between an ‘off the shelf’ and a ‘custom developed IoT gateway’ can get quite tricky.

After listening to the rather contrary view-points of the advocates of these two approaches, you may find it difficult to figure out what is best for your IoT Project.

Some experts would suggest an off the shelf IoT gateway due to faster time to market and ease of certification process. While others may suggest a custom developed solution owing to more freedom in design, Flexible form factor, Ownership of IP rights etc.

It is imperative for you to understand which is best suited for your specific business use-case, Build or Buy?

How will this Video Help?

In this informative video, our IoT Consultants will share a framework to resolve this dilemma.

You will learn about the list of critical Technology and Business Parameters and how to evaluate these to overcome the Build v/s Buy Dilemma:

  1. List of Technology parameters:
    • Hardware Components
    • Compatible Communication Protocols
    • Regulatory Compliance & Certifications
    • Form Factor
  2. List of Business parameters:
    • Per unit Cost
    • After-Market Support
    • Prototype Development
    • Degree of ownership /IP Rights

Watch this Video to Learn About the Evaluation Process.

Who will Find this Video a Value-Add?

This video aims to share a simple framework with businesses looking for some answers to resolve the Build v/s Buy dilemma.

Right from IoT solution architects to hardware engineers to decision makers – anyone associated with IoT solution development process will find this a useful watch!


About the Author

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