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What are the Hardware Modules that Power a Car Heads-up Display (HUD) System?

A Car Heads-up Display (HUD) is an important component of a Digital Cockpit Solution. Let’s learn about the Hardware Modules that power it?

The automotive industry stakeholders have a long term vision of offering a safer and convenient in-vehicle experience to their customers!  And what is helping them turn their desire into a reality?

The answer is Digital Cockpit Solutions!

Digital Cockpit is a unified solution consisting of a Digital Instrument Cluster, Infotainment, Telematics, and Car Head-Up Display.

These automotive systems that had existed in silos, have been unified and thus leading to the emergence of Digital Cockpit Technology (courtesy Automotive ECU Consolidation)!

Learn more about the tech behind Digital Cockpit. Read here : A Car with a Cockpit: How Digital Cockpit Solutions are Making This a Reality

While each of the above mentioned four components of Digital Cockpit Solution help in delivering connected car experience. The Car Heads-up Display leads the pack; especially due to its innate ability to relay critical and contextual vehicle information to driver in a distraction-free manner!

What Exactly is a Car HUD system?

A car HUD system is a Human-Machine Interface that displays Critical, Real-time information, right in front of the driver’s line-of-vision.

The Head Up Display system displays this information on the windshield or a combiner glass , in a way that the driver is not distracted.

Typically, a car HUD can system enables the driver to :

  • View Turn by turn navigation
  • Read car speed, RPM, fuel levels
  • View Warning Alerts
  • Access Calls/messages without taking out his/her phone
  • Adjust the Music system settings

The driver can perform these actions through simple hand gestures without having to take his/her attention off the road.

For the car HUD to perform these functions efficiently, there are certain indispensable hardware components, that work behind the scene!

So what are these hardware components? Watch this video to learn.

Watch the Video Here

What can you Expect from this Video:

The video offers a brief explanation to following frequently asked queries related to a Car HUD:

  • What are the different hardware modules that constitute a Car HUD system?
  • What role does each of these hardware components play in the efficient functioning of a Car HUD system?

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Jul 11 2019
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