[Video] What is A SCADA System? Find Your Answers in the ‘S’, ‘C’, and ‘A’ of a SCADA Solution

[Video] What is A SCADA System? Find Your Answers in the ‘S’, ‘C’, and ‘A’ of a SCADA Solution

SCADA a.k.a. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, is not a new kid on the block!

In fact, SCADA as an automation solution to Supervise/Monitor and Control the Industrial Assets, dates back to the 60s. From manufacturing sector to Food processing, Oil Refineries & more; a SCADA solution has found applications in various industries.

But with the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT), the business enterprises now seek a Smarter, Modular, Secure and Scalable version of SCADA.

IoT Enabled SCADA System for Industrial Automation Applications

Modern day IoT based SCADA solution is emerging as a core component of Industrial Automation Solutions

IoT powered SCADA offers a seamless and efficient solution by supporting the following features:

  • remote monitoring of assembly line operations,
  • real-time reporting of equipment failures and other critical issues
  • In depth analysis of real-time industrial data

But how does SCADA perform these Supervisory and Control functions? Watch this video to find out:

What can you expect from this video? This video gives an overview about SCADA system by answering the some frequently asked questions such as:

  • What are the fundamental building blocks of an IoT based SCADA system?
  • How does SCADA help in Data Acquisition?
  • How does a SCADA enable automation of Supervisory Control?
  • What is the Technology Framework , that powers a SCADA Solution?

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