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5 Automotive Success Stories to Prove that NXP Processors Power Breakthrough Designs

NXP is a globally renowned supplier of embedded microcontrollers and processors. Their products have a remarkable legacy of accelerating the development of embedded systems for industrial and consumer use cases.

NXP has an extensive suite of products to power automotive chassis, powertrain, ADAS systems, safety applications, and in-vehicle networking. Over the years, our engineers have been designing futuristic connected vehicle products using NXP’s automotive processors and microcontrollers.

Embitel’s E-cockpit Solutions on NXP Platforms

Let’s take a look at some of our exemplary automotive success stories in which we partnered with NXP. We have listed the projects based on the NXP platforms that transformed our design and development activities.

  1. Head Unit for Passenger EV
  2. Our customer is a renowned passenger EV startup in the US. They desired to develop an automotive head unit based on Android 9.1 OS.

    Cross Compiler Tool

    Our IoT engineering team worked on the end-to-end development of the head unit in a multi-phased approach:

    • Prototype development using off-the-shelf components
    • Porting of Android N and customization of the BSP
    • Integration with CAN communication
    • Development of various applications & gesture controls
    • Integration of FOTA update feature
    • Integration, Validation & Supply prototypes
    • Pre-certifications & validation of prototypes

    NXP Products Used: Cross Compiler Tool Chain for ARM, Freescale MFG Tool

    Key features of our solution:

    • On board applications – Media Playback, AM/FM/HD Radio, Internet Radio, RVC, etc.
    • Vehicle parameters – Vehicle speed, Gear indicator, Vehicle/battery range, etc.
    • Phone projectionAndroid Auto, Apple CarPlay
    • Connected services – Safety and convenience
    • Over the Air Updates – Full system, App updates, Updates for connected ECUs
    • Navigation – Through HERE Maps
  3. Digital Instrument Cluster for Electric SUV
  4. Our US-based customer was producing a new line of electric SUVs and they partnered with us to develop a turnkey solution for the digital instrument cluster. This included the design and development of hardware, software and mechanical enclosures.

    64-bit iMX8 Processor

    Here is an overview of the project scope:

    • Hardware and software design
    • Component selection
    • Hardware schematics, board design and prototypes
    • HARA & FMEDA for Functional Safety at system level
    • Porting of Integrity OS on custom hardware
    • Development of software for Instrument Cluster, OTA functionalities
    • Coordination with mechanical design partner for mechanical casing and rapid prototype

    NXP Product Used: 64-bit iMX8 Processor

    Key features of our solution:

  5. Connected Digital Instrument Cluster for Electric Trucks
  6. Our customer is a US-based electric commercial vehicle manufacturer. For their existing and new product line of electric trucks, they desired to develop a high-end digital instrument cluster with built-in Telematics functionality and Over-The-Air (OTA) updates.

    Fota car

    Our work on this project included the following:

    • Hardware and software design
    • Component selection
    • Hardware schematics, board design and prototypes
    • HARA & FMEDA for Functional Safety
    • Porting of Linux OS on custom hardware
    • Development of software for Instrument Cluster, Telematics & OTA functionalities
    • Integration of J1939 & UDS stacks
    • Coordination with mechanical design partner for mechanical casing
    • Rapid prototype
    • Coordination with testing labs (TUV) for pre-qualification testing

    NXP Products Used: 64-bit i.MX8 Processor, Cross Compiler Tool Chain for ARM

    Key features of our solution:

    • Functional Safety (ISO 26262) Level-B Compliance
    • Standard Digital Instrument Cluster Features
    • Surround-View Camera
    • TBT (Turn-by-Turn) Navigation
    • Telematics
    • Over-The-Air Updates for the entire vehicle
  7. Android Infotainment Platform for Electric Scooters
  8. Our customer is a promising EV startup from Europe. For their unique electric scooter product, they wanted to move from a Linux based infotainment system to a powerful Android-based IVI system. They expected to benefit from the ease of deployment and maintenance of the platform, while also offering supreme convenience to users (via various connectivity options).

    DIC for bike

    Our work on the project included the following activities:

    • Setup build environment
    • Porting of Android N on custom hardware
    • Customizing the BSP for LVDS Capacitive Touch Screen, GSM, GPS, USB, SATA, Camera, BT and Audio
    • Integrating CAN communication from Body Control Module
    • Develop the applications – Custom home screen, Tachometer, Navigation, Phone, Media Playback, Camera, etc.
    • FOTA for Head Unit and connected ECUs
    • Integration and validation testing

    NXP Products Used: Cross Compiler Tool Chain for ARM, Freescale MFG Tool

    Key features of our solution:

    • Music & Phone Applications on head unit
    • Vehicle Connectivity Applications like Speed, RPM, Acceleration
    • Connectivity Services like Scooter Share, Track, Remote diagnostics, Parking location
    • Camera with recording & Vehicle Error Alerts
    • Battery level indicator & Mileage
    • Theft protection and FOTA Support
    • On Board Navigation
  9. Android Based IVI System Development
  10. Our customer is a Tier-1 automotive supplier, and they were designing a luxurious Android based IVI system. This was one of the first products of its kind to come to the market. It had a 7-inch touchscreen and head-up display unit based on optical projection display. The infotainment system also provided entertainment features, on-board diagnostics information, phone pairing and hands-free operation, navigation capabilities, 4 camera views, etc.

    Freescale i.MX6 Application Processor

    NXP Product Used: Freescale i.MX6 Application Processor

    Key features of our solution:

    • Audio Apps (Playback, AM/FM/SiriusXM)
    • Phone App (Phonebook, Contacts Sync, Calls)
    • Event and Application Priority Management
    • Driver Distraction Monitoring and Alerts
    • Vehicle Instrumentation Cluster
    • GPS-Navigation Internet, Co-Pilot App
    • Connectivity (Wi-Fi, BT, GPS, USB)
    • Bluetooth Profiles (A2DP, PBAP, MAP, HFP)
    • On-board Applications – 4 Cameras View
    • Voice Commands, Text to Speech
    • Vehicle Connectivity
    • Firmware Update Over USB


We have found that NXP processors and microcontrollers are equipped with the processing power and safety features to bring scalable automotive and IoT applications to life. In our internal projects, we continue to use the NXP products to design ADAS and AD applications for futuristic connected cars.



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