Embitel Leadership Diaries: Rear-View 2016 by MD Sharad Bairathi

Embitel Leadership Diaries: Rear-View 2016 by MD Sharad Bairathi

At the end of every year I look back and take stock. This time, 2016 threw up a wonderful mix of accomplishments that I couldn’t help but appreciate Embitelians for their hard work. Here are a few things that made 2016 memorable for us.

  1. A decade of excellence
  2. In September we celebrated our 10th anniversary. I take special pride in the fact that we have several colleagues who became a part of Embitel in 2006, and are here even today, making every step of this journey their own.

  3. New product
  4. Our automotive infotainment team outdid themselves with development of a new cutting-edge product: the heads-up display for cars that enhances safety and reduces distractions for drivers. The team’s efforts towards successful development of the product has made us one of the few companies that offer it.

  5. New certification
  6. We expanded our repertoire by becoming an SAP Value Added Reseller. With this certification, we now offer our clients the convenience of purchasing SAP licenses directly from us, instead of having to coordinate with the licenser and the service integrator.

  7. New geographies
  8. Interest and demand for our expertise in product development services spiked in the USA. Clients showed faith in our abilities, and I’m happy to say we didn’t disappoint them.

  9. New solution
  10. Based on expertise and experience in ecommerce implementation for clients in the F&B and grocery sector, our developers put together a Rapid Deployment Solution for the F&B industry. The solution will help our clients reduce implementation costs while still getting a comprehensive product.

  11. Continued success
  12. 2016 was a year of reinforcing our strengths—the steady purchase of our various IPs for automotive; and the scaling up of the Embitel team for omnichannel implementation for one of India’s largest conglomerates.

  13. New experiences
  14. We ended the year with an interesting event at Embitel: teen-aged students from the Samridhdhi Trust, an NGO that runs bridge schools, spent a morning in our office getting acquainted with the world of software development. These young minds were bright, curious and quickly dispelled any idea that we were teaching them something new–I think they will outrun us faster than we realize, much like new technologies outpace old ones!


Cheers to 2016, looking forward to a great 2017!


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