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How Automation Helps Your Sales Team to Boost Business

The sales team breathes life into your business operations. Their accomplishments define your company’s success. It might take at least 10-15 contacts with a potential customer for a sales team to close a deal. Add to this, the number of hours spent in building relationships, and understanding customers and their needs. There will be to-and-fro communications via phone calls, meetings, emails, and messages. Making a note of important information, logging data and following up are time-consuming activities as well. As your potential customers’ list expands, it becomes challenging to manage all of activities these seamlessly.

Automation of sales is the most effective and essential measure you can take at this point for your organization. This will help the sales team to get their zeal back and focus on priority/challenging tasks.


What is Sales Automation?

Sales automation can be defined as a software tool that assists your enterprise to automate repetitive tasks like sending emails, documentation, managing inventory, pricing, and contract management.

It usually comes along with your ecommerce CRM software. In case you want it as a specialized tool then you need to buy it separately.

A sales automation tool reduces the load from the shoulders of the sales team as they can now focus on core sales activities. This gives them an ample amount of time to nurture the leads by interacting with them and convert them into customers.

Through a dedicated sales automation tool, enterprises can see a growth in productivity, apart from other benefits. Below we have mentioned few of these advantages. Read on:

  • Leads Acquisition: Sales automation tool aids in finding leads. Performance metrics based on sales data can be assessed and analyzed. Based on these reports, you can chart a plan and launch marketing campaigns accordingly.
  • Improved Productivity: Almost all sales automation tools are available on mobile devices, giving you a platform to do your sales activities on the go. It is easier to share files, sync data, and check visual workflows. Business processes can be automated using drag and drop features within a mobile app.
  • Good Decision Making: Sales automation tools help you in making informed decisions at the right moment. Based on the reports and dashboards that are accessible to decision-making teams, it becomes easy to predict and forge ahead.
  • Close Deals Smoothly: Automation of sales helps you close deals easily and effortlessly. There is scope to automate content management, collaboration, and use marketing tools when needed. A sales automation tool can be used to organize contacts and accounts and oversee possible opportunities.

Sales Automation Tool to Streamline Business Processes

In this section of the article, let us take an in-depth look at how sales automation accelerates growth and quickly improves your teams’ productivity.

  1. Identifying Your Customers  
  2. A lot of time goes into identifying potential leads and customers. Sales automation tool can do that quickly and efficiently using various metrics. This will help the sales team to initiate the contact and engage with customers.

  3. Acquire Customer Information
  4. To run a campaign successfully, you need insights on customer information like their needs, demographics details, objectives, and more. Sales automation acquires this information for you and hence helps in enhancing conversion rates and overall growth.

  5. Documentation
  6. Generating reports and documenting all the sales activities are important but time-consuming too. Sales automation tool creates reports and documents important data, so that the team gets more time to work on things that can’t be automated. It also aids in better communication and collaboration within teams.

  7. Leads Follow-up
  8. Leads should be kept warm and for that, you need to ensure that follow-ups are done the right way at the right time. Sales automation tool tracks this constantly and automates the process of follow-ups. However, not all communication should be automated as it can have adverse effects on your deals.

  9. Evaluating Communication Platforms
  10. Analyzing the response to your calls and emails play an important role in strategizing your sales plan. Sales automation tools provide features that help you to understand when your email was read, who reads them, what content type was most searched for, and so on. It will also produce automated reports based on the above-mentioned factors.

  11. Envision Better
  12. Automated sales predictions are precise and instantly generated. These reports can be shared across departments and several types of data and information can be integrated for better insights. These Insights can further help to predict sales trends for the near future.


In uncertain times, economic scenarios are constantly shifting. You should refrain from deploying your sales team in managing admin work and chasing weak leads. Instead, providing them with the right automation tools will enhance their effectiveness and boost your company’s profits.

Freshworks CRM is an efficient automation tool that helps businesses in transforming their sales processes. It aids your business to acquire new clients and identify existing sales opportunities that are ready for purchase. All the products and services used to automate various components of your sales process can be accessed under one platform.

The size of your company does not really matter. What matters is, whether you are investing in tools like Freshworks CRM that are essential to identify, access, and nurture prime leads.

Now, go and close that darn good deal!


About the Author

Vaibhav is a digital-marketing professional with a deep-rooted interest in everything automotive. Regular collaborations with automotive tech guys keep him apprised of all new trends in the automotive industry. Besides digital marketing, Vaibhav is fond of writing and music.

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