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Trends in Vehicle Telematics Solutions that are Transforming Connected Two Wheelers from Concept to Reality

With the automotive industry veering towards digitalization, the modern day vehicles have become the center-stage for massive technological disruptions.  Among these, the innovations in vehicle telematics have delivered some very advanced features in modern-day vehicles!

Modern day four-wheelers, including the commercial and passenger vehicles, integrated with telematics and rider assistance features have started becoming mainstream now. Now, this wave of digital connectivity is gradually picking up in the two-wheeler segment as well.

The two-wheeler industry is ringing in an era of intelligent motorbikes, integrated with telematics and smart-assistance capabilities. The integration of these digital features is expected to take the motorcycling experience to a whole new level!

What is Propelling the Digital Innovations in the Two-Wheeler Segment?

We can pin down two factors that have become a driving force for innovations in two-wheelers market:

  1. The need to mitigate road accidents involving motorbikes: According to numerous statistics, road accidents involving 2-wheelers have been on a constant rise in the recent years.( 2013 – 26.3% , 2014 – 27.3% , 2015- 28.8% ).
    A detailed analysis of these two-wheeler accidents has identified driver distraction, failure of perception and control, over speeding as the main reasons for such incidents.This calls for a safety and technological interventions to reduce instances of accidents and to ensure safety of the riders as well as fellow road users.
  2. The need to reduce the incidence of motorcycle thefts: Globally, two-wheeler thefts have been increasing over the past few years. These numbers are increasing in the absence of a reliable solution for tracking the stolen vehicle or to alert the user about a theft attempt.

So, is the automotive industry ready to address these security and safety challenges prevalent in the two-wheeler segment? Let us find out!

Connected Two-Wheelers : What the Automotive OEMs &  Tech Companies have in Store for the Future Two-Wheeler Users

The need for digitally connected two-wheelers has given birth to newer collaborations involving automotive manufacturers, suppliers, technology companies, telecom operators, insurance firms, government policy makers, transport operators.

All of them together are ensuring a better two-wheeler riding experience with enhanced safety through technological advancements.

The BMWs, the Hondas, the Boschs of the automotive industry are already in the process of developing future-ready intelligent motor bikes with connectivity features.

Some of them have started partnering with telecom and technology companies to enable mobile connectivity in new generation two-wheelers.

Here , we trace how some of the leading automotive players are working towards integration of connected scooter features such a telematics, collision warning system and more in their product lines.

    • Bosch’s connected motorcycles: Bosch has come up with new version of smartphone integration solution for two-wheelers- mySPIN, already available for connected cars.

      • Sync-up of smartphone content with telematics display device
      • Real-time information sharing such as traffic conditions, route preferences and more through smartphone app
      • Viewing of the phone content on the telematics display and access to control commands through control buttons on the bike handlebar
      • A mobile App which is interfaced with the CAN bus as well as with the cloud. This enables enabling real-time transfer of vehicle data such as fuel level, engine conditions and more

      Additionally, Bosch is partnering with Mobile App development companies to deliver a host of advanced features to the two-wheeler users.  This will include self-service analytics, offline route planning, motorbike-optimized navigation, in-app texting.

    • Vodafone offers embedded telematics systems for two wheelers: Vodafone Automotive has been collaborating with renowned two-wheeler manufacturers to enable advanced telematics and mobile connectivity services in new-age scooters.The automotive wing of the telecom giant is offering embedded telematics system in some new range of connected scooters like Yamaha TMAX SX and TMAX DX models.Features:
      • Real time vehicle tracking through a dedicated mobile application
      • Battery Notification ,
      • Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery service
      • Software Firmware over the air update (FOTA) for two-wheelers over mobile network

      Vodafone automotive also offers a suite of data management and analysis tools.

      Additionally, Vodafone automotive is extending mobile connectivity to Piaggio’s  Wi-Bike , whereby the riders can exchange data over smartphone application.

      This helps them to view and plan their daily routine based on number of calories they want to burn, amount of effort needed to be exerted etc.

      embedded telematics

      Yamaha Connected Two-wheeler with embedded telematics. Image Courtesy: cebit


  • 2018 Honda Gold Wing Telematics Package: Honda’s 2018 editions-  Gold Wing and Gold Wing Tourer come with integrated telematics unit with a TFT 7” LCD screen on the front. It includes an automotive-style rotary twiddle nob for the users to access the menu on the telematics screen.
    Features :This two-wheeler telematics  system boasts of the following features:

    • Advanced navigation system with software over the air update (FOTA): provides on-the-go visual and voice navigation assistance, locate & display the rider’s location using satellite and map database.In poor network conditions or in areas where GPS signals might be obstructed, the speed sensors offer real-time information about the motorbikes.
    • Bluetooth connectivity to sync up with other devices (iPhone and Android) such smartphones in the vicinity.
    • Audio module with controls located at the rear of the bike that can connect to iPod/ USB digital players etc.
    • Hands-free module compatible with iPhone and Android phones
    • Integrated with Apple Car Play : view content of the smartphone, Voice activated access of telematics features, manage calls, view and access maps

    telematics package

    2018 Honda Gold Wing’s telematics package. Image Source: Youtube
  • The feature rich connected scooters from Aprilia and Vespa: The 2018 models of Aprilia and Vespa scooters from Piaggio India are integrated with digital telematics system.

    • GPS real-time navigation module
    • Information about nearby service centers based on user’s current location
    • Panic Alert feature, enables the rider to contact the pre-fed mobile number in case of an emergency situation
    • Find Me feature- for locating the vehicle even if the engine is switched off


  • In 2016, BMW Motorrad, Honda and Yamaha together founded the , Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC) –to integrate motorcycles into the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-IST) category  through technological innovation.The main objective behind the formation of CMC was to ensure motorcycle safety on-road, by enabling connectivity and networked communications in them.The consortium aims to establish a unified standard for motorcycle connectivity system so that motorcycles on road can communicate with other vehicles and avoid collision. The CMC is testing the possibilities of leveraging networked communications to increase motorcycle safety.

The Future of the Telematics Two-wheeler Market:

So, are the vehicle telematics and digitalization going to change the landscape of two-wheelers market?

Though it may be too early to put a stamp on this claim, but the rapid pace at which innovations in digitalization of two-wheelers and inclusion of vehicle telematics are happening, the impact can already be felt.


About the Author

Vaibhav is a digital-marketing professional with a deep-rooted interest in everything automotive. Regular collaborations with automotive tech guys keep him apprised of all new trends in the automotive industry. Besides digital marketing, Vaibhav is fond of writing and music.

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