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6 Reasons for Migrating to Magento 2.0 from Magneto 1.x

There’s a big buzz around Magento 2 Development and Sammanita Pattnayak, a software developer (Magento) at Embitel, is eager to get started on a project on Magento 2. Sammanita recently completed her training in Magento 2, which included varied development tasks, and can’t help compare the offerings of Magento 2 over Magento 1. Here’s what she says.

With the introduction of development, production and default modes, Sammanita says the overall performance of the platform is significantly improved. “If the developer makes an error in coding, instead of the broken website, the user will see a custom page,” she explains. The file system requirement of Magento 2 is also more flexible, allowing the developer to create and access as many files as needed.

But what makes Magento 2 truly better is the introduction of these new features:

  • There’s a more streamlined customization process, with more modules and lesser hassles during upgrades.
  • Magento 2 has updated technology stacks, at par with the latest in the industry.
  • With improved caching mechanisms, the site runs faster and offers much better performance and scalability.
  • Compared to Magento 1, the effort and cost of upgrades is now reduced, with lesser likelihood of loss/breakage of modifications during upgrades.
  • Integrating third party extensions for additional functionalities is now easier.
  • Magento 2 includes a testing code, testing resources and documentation, unlike Magento 1. The result is lesser problems, bug fixes and shorter development time.

Business benefits of upgrading to Magento 2.0

But what do all these technical improvements mean for the client, who decides to implement his online business on Magento 2? It means a better product, at a lower cost.

The ease of development leads to significantly reduced developing time, and lesser hurdles on the way. While this translates to marked reduction in the cost, it also means a more wholesome website with a consistent shopping experience for the user. Now who would say no to such benefits?

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