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[Vlog] “Build or Buy the SCADA Solution?”: A Million Dollar Question Asked by every Enterprise before kick-staring their IoT Journey!

The IoT powered SCADA solution, if leveraged to its full potential, has the capability to enhance the overall efficiency of your assembly line operations.

Reduced operational costs, enhanced flexibility, and higher asset availability, automated and intelligent maintenance workflows – these are some of the driving forces behind the growing popularity of the IoT Powered SCADA Systems.

In a nutshell, modern day SCADA has turned monitoring, controlling, interacting with industrial assets –into a seamless process that can be managed from anywhere, and anytime!

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What is SCADA system? Learn About its Application in IoT Projects

The Big Dilemma!

It can be said that the investment in SCADA solution acts as the stepping stone for enterprises aiming at leveraging the benefits of Industry 4.0.

But there is a tricky part here!

Enterprises who plan to invest in SCADA solution, as part of their Industry 4.0 initiatives face a critical dilemma: “Should we invest in an off-the-shelf or develop a custom version of SCADA solution?”

But how do you decide a SCADA solution investment strategy that:

  • Fits your budget and business requirements
  • Helps you achieve your industrial automation goals
  • Is easy to maintain and operate
  • Supports Future Scalability

Here is a video blog to help you resolve this dilemma

Why Watch this Video:

The video introduces you to an evaluation framework to wisely choose  between the two SCADA investment approaches.

The evaluation framework has two main components, the understanding and analysis of which is critical to decide between ‘off the shelf’ and ‘custom developed” SCADA solution.

The two components of the framework are the following:

  1. Business parameters:
    • Degree of Freedom
    • Total Cost of Ownership
    • After-Market Support
    • Time-To-Market
  2. Technical parameters, including:
    • Custom View of Enterprise Data
    • Workflow Automation
    • Interoperability & Scalability
    • Custom Designed HMI

Hope you will find this video blog helpful.

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About the Author

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