[Vlog] Understanding Vehicle Diagnostics: On-Board vs Off-Board Diagnostics

[Vlog] Understanding Vehicle Diagnostics: On-Board vs Off-Board Diagnostics

Let’s imagine a scenario! A car while going on a highway develops a glitch in the Anti-lock braking system. This glitch might cause the ABS to not work as efficiently as it should.

The following two very important things happen at such instances:

  • First, the fault is stored in the ECU in the form of a Diagnostics Trouble Code (DTC).
  • Second, a warning light is switched on, to alert the driver that some fault has occurred. The driver can then take the vehicle to the garage and get the issue rectified.

It is the vehicle diagnostics that carries out this functionality. This diagnostics system has been categorized as – on-board diagnostics and off-board diagnostics.

Our latest video discusses both these vehicle diagnostics systems and their working. We also have detailed blog on OBD vs Off-board diagnostics that you can find here.

Key Takeaways of the On-Board Diagnostics vs Off-Board Diagnostics Video

  • Introduction to vehicle diagnostics
  • How Vehicle Diagnostics works?
  • Need for vehicle diagnostics?
  • On-board diagnostics vs Off-board Diagnostics: A Quick comparison

The video attempts to present a qualitative analysis of on-board and off-board diagnostics and why they need to co-exist.

All these attributes make this video a must-see for automotive enthusiasts and even the engineers who are working or plan to work on projects related to UDS, OBD2 protocol etc.


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